More good news about paint!

I've just been to a demo by Daniel Smith, and continue to be wowed by their range and quality. While the Mission Gold paints may be vibrant, the Daniel Smith is way out in front on the color range, intensity, and selection. They also are vastly more lightfast, according to the rep. I experimented with the mineral colors; apatite green genuine, zoisite, piemontite genuine, and serpentine genuine. WOW! what amazing granulation. If you are looking for texture, this is your stuff.

I have to say, the colors are also consistent, and the customer service has been top notch.

My real go-to colors are all there with the addition of Moonglow, the most gorgeous warm purple ever, Prussian 
Green, a fabulous rich green I often use as blue, and Deep Scarlet, an amazing warm, middle range, warm, transparent (yes!) red. Of course, there's the perylenes and the quinacridones.

I'm so lucky to be able to use these colors!

By the way, according to the rep, they're #1 in Australia, and #2 in England! Look out, Winsor Newton!

Thank you Daniel Smith!