What is Art For?

What is Art For?

1. To record the beauty around us

2. To reassure us of the normality of pain. If we see pain or sadness is art, it lets us know we are not alone in our feelings.

3. To fight the false commercialism of modern society. With a world that is so caught up in labels and lack of individuality (there's a Starbucks on every corner!), art reminds us that we are unique; as unique as every piece of art. I give my students a project and I get 15 different results. This is what I'm talking about! 

4. To show qualities we are looking for in ourselves or our lives. Art reflects values and standards, or even lack of them.  we can see this in the artwork of others, allowing us to aspire to greatness or try to improve ourselves.

5. To help us appreciate the world around us

6. To return glamour to its rightful place. Glamour does not belong to anyone who ever had their face in "US", or "People" magazines. It belongs to art. The exception might be evening gowns by McQueen, which are often seen on movie stars. They are art as well.

7. To offer propaganda for what really matters. Consider "Guernica" by Picasso; this painting changed the tide of politics in Spain. The list is long.